Country Club

Champaign-Urbana Swingers


Hi, I'm Lena.

I started Country Club in 2014, after my career led me from Chicago to Champaign. For four years before that, my husband and I were very active in the lifestyle in Chicago. Once in Champaign, we would drive back up to Chicago almost every weekend to reconnect with our lifestyle friends. We missed having that community! But, we grew sick of I-57, and I knew we couldn't be the only swingers in central Illinois. We decided to do something about it.

In the time since it has started, Country Club has truly grown into something amazing.  We have met over 80 wonderful people, and our ever-growing mailing list consists of over 200 couples, so there are many more to meet. We've drawn couples from as far as Milwaukee, WI and St Louis, MO. We have made many lifelong friends - not just people we hook up with, but people we go see movies with, have brunch with, people who dog-sit for us while we are away, people who invited us to their Thanksgiving table... It truly is a "lifestyle" -- and a great one, at that.

I want to take a moment to point out that Country Club is not profitable, or a business; it is my hobby, and it is an expensive one, at that. I started Country Club to make new friends, and to throw fun parties for those friends. I don't treat Country Club like a business, and I don't treat you like a customer, because you aren't one. Please excuse me if I do not respond to emails and applications right away. In addition to running Country Club, I have a demanding full-time job, and am a part-time student taking evening classes toward my master's degree at UIUC. 

Country Club is a social club for swingers in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
A no-pressure, casual way to meet other likeminded people.

Meeting people in the lifestyle can be hard at best, and awkward or sketchy at worst. You can make a weekend out of it to attend an event in Chicago, but that takes time, planning, effort, and money - and what if it doesn't work out? A waste and a huge disappointment. There's sites like FetLife and LifestyleLounge... But what if you meet up with someone, and then just don't click? How do you politely decline without hurting their feelings? What if they turn out to be nothing like their pictures? What if they turn out to be nuts?

That's why we started Country Club. We are a nomadic group which meets in a different location each time. Come out and grab a drink, and meet other couples in the lifestyle. Come flirt and mingle in a casual setting with no pressure or expectations. If you hit it off with someone, take it where you want to. If you don't, it's easy to excuse yourself and walk away. Just try again next time! If nothing else, maybe you'll make some new fun and interesting friends.