Country Club

Champaign-Urbana Swingers

What is swinging?

In short, swinging is when couples hook up with other couples. 
In long, there are varying levels of participation:

  • Voyeurism: Watching others, but not participating.
  • Exhibitionism: Staying only with your partner, but being watched by others.
  • Soft swap: Staying mostly with your partner, but involving another couple only in low-key, non-penetrative stimulation.
  • Full swap: Full sexual interaction with others. Same-room swap means that the couple only swings together, by literally swapping partners with another couple. Other variations include the partners being able to swing on their own, with other couples or other singles. Sometimes only one partner prefers to swing, or the partners are comfortable with different levels of participation.

What can I expect at a Country Club event?

Country Club hosts different types of events.

A "newbie night" is an opportunity for people new to swinging, or curious about it, to come out and have their questions answered. We will have a rotation of Country Club "regulars" hosting these super-casual events. Just stop by and have a beer with some experienced swingers!

A "meetup" is a get-together at a public location like a bar, with other like-minded swingers. This is simply a place to socialize, drink, and make friends. If you hit it off with someone, you are welcome to take them back to your place, or to arrange an after-party, but there is no sex on premises.

An "event" or "party" is a more private event, where you can come to hook up with others.

What is the average age range?

We aim to cater to a younger demographic than most lifestyle groups, and most of our attendees are in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. The minimum age we will accept is 17 (the age of consent in Illinois), and we do not enforce an age limit. That being said, it may be more difficult to become a member if you are several standard deviations away from our average age range.



This is a visualization of the ages of our members.

How many people come to each event, on average?

We typically expect about 10 couples at each event, though our biggest event hosted over 40 couples. Once you are a Country Club member, you have access to the RSVP list and can see who is planning to attend each party.

Where are you located?

We  do not have a physical location, but we are a nomadic group, which hosts events in various locations in and around Champaign-Urbana. We announce the location of each event only to our members.

What if I want to bring a third?

We are definitely not opposed to threesomes (and moresomes)! You are welcome to bring a +1, provided that:

  1. You are an established Country Club member couple. This means that you must attend your first Country Club event as a couple. You can start bringing a +1 from your second event, onward.
  2. Your +1 is bisexual or bicurious. Country Club is a club for couples, and we think it is more fun for everyone if your +1 can have fun with everyone.
  3. You notify us that you wish to bring a +1, in advance. We strive to maintain an equal male-to-female ratio, so we may ask you not to bring your guest, unless there is a corresponding male +1 for every female +1. We will allow the gender ratio to be off-balance by 1 single only.
  4. You are responsible for your +1. If your +1 is disrespectful or causes trouble, this is a reflection on you, and all three of you may not be welcome back.

What is your singles policy?

The Country Club is a club for couples. We are not allowing single members at this time, unless they are attending as a +1 for a couple. See the question above for more details.

What about gay couples?

The Country Club is intended as a club for straight and bisexual couples. Bisexual couples can mean M+F, M+M, or F+F, so we are open to all of these combinations. Nevertheless, we limit the number of M+M and F+F couples to ensure an equal male-to-female ratio. 

When is your next event?

We hold events at least once per quarter. The current event can be found in the "Events" tab, or at the link below. To be notified of future events, make sure you've joined Country Club so that you are on the mailing list. You can apply at the link below.

How much do you charge for events?

We charge different amounts depending on the event type. Newbie nights are free. Meetups are a nominal $10 fee. More elaborate parties may cost as much as $75 in cases where we rent a private venue, rent a party bus, provide food and drinks, etc. All prices are per couple.

We host these parties for fun, not for profit, and we are currently operating Country Club at a net loss (~$2,500 in 2016). If you would like to make a donation to help offset our costs, learn more and donate below.

What if I see someone I know?

Keep calm! Our meetups are in public places, so, as far as anyone knows, you  just happen to be there to enjoy an evening out with your significant other. If you are not comfortable, you can simply leave without arousing suspicion.

If you are a member, you have access to a list of other members who have RSVP'd, so you can plan accordingly whether or not to attend an event in advance.

What do I wear?

Dress to impress, but stay casual and don't go over the top. Gentlemen, a button-up shirt and nice jeans will do. Ladies, a form-fitting outfit and heels will never do you wrong. Wear something that makes you feel sexy, but remember that we will be in a public place, so don't be inappropriate. Sexy lingerie underneath is always highly recommended, in case you hit it off with someone.

Are there any online resources for swingers?

Check out a few websites that we are affiliated with, at the link below.

What are your rules?

Age  -  You must be at least 17 years old, the age of consent in Illinois, to attend events. Many events take place in bars, so you may need to be at least 19 or 21 to enter. You must be 21 to drink alcohol. 

Consent  -  You must have explicit consent before touching anyone. This includes partners you have played with before. "Sure" does not mean "yes". "Maybe" does not mean "yes". Only an enthusiastic "yes" means "yes". "No" means "no". Don't be afraid to say "no". Be respectful when saying “no;” be respectful when hearing “no”. 

Discretion  -  Most of our meetups are in public places, so discretion is important. Use the word "lifestyle" instead of "swinging". Do not say or do anything that might draw unnecessary attention to yourself or any of the other attendees. After all, we are all just regular people at a bar, right?  ;)